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Air Dryers

Achieve performance excellence with Infinity air dryers.

Our refrigeration Compressed Air Dryers have been designed to lower the dew point in the compressed air system by cooling the inlet air.  By this, water vapour retention of air drops significantly.  Our dryers perform even in cases of high ambient inlet temperatures.

The excess water condenses and is drained out of the system.  Dryers are dimensioned to correspond to compressors from 3 kW to 120 kW with output flow of 13.200 Nm3/h - 19 Nm3/h.

The highly efficient and ultra-compact heat exchanger is able to operate effectively in ambient temperatures up to 45 ºC.  For inlet temperatures, a maximum of 55 ºC is recommended.  These temperatures ensure a reduced compressed air pressure drop.

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Air Dryers