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Our range of tooling is as simple as the installation of an Infinity system.

Preparing and constructing the components for your Infinity compressed air system using our range of tools and tooling accessories is very straightforward.  This is designed to make the installation easy for our self build customers.

In terms of cutting and preparing your pipework, two simple tools are required; a pipe cutter and de-burring tool.  The Infinity pipe cutter is ergonomically designed to ensure a section of pipe may be cut safely and securely.  With integrated rollers, the section of pipe may be rotated smoothly to ensure an un-marked cut is achieved.

The next stage of the pipework preparation process involves using the de-burring tool.  This provides a smooth, clean edge which is important prior to connection of the pipe with other system components and fittings.

A selection of tooling accessories including drilling jigs, flanged tubes, flat gaskets to support and assist you with your installation.

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