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Services from Infinity Pipework

The range of services from Infinity Pipework covers all aspects of a new or modified compressed air system.

Our experienced team are able to advise on all areas from equipment specification through to the final install.  We can help manage your project and give you complete piece of mind that every element is taken care of. 

We are able to oversee and coordinate every aspect to ensure your system is in place and ready on time.  If you have a particular deadline, we can work to your timescales.

When it comes to the design of your system, we will create a design from compressor to point of use. All your specific requirements will be taken into consideration.  The outcome will be a system that meets your existing needs but can accommodate any future expansion.  

The final installation of your system will be a straightforward and simple process if you are looking to self-install.  Only a small number of 'simple to use' tools are required to cut and adapt Infinity pipework.  If preferred, our team can complete the install for you if this is the better option for you.