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Technical Specifications

Infinity products adhere to a range of reference standards.  We ensure the technical specifications of our products fall in line with these standards and are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Component Parts and Materials

1. Nut made from Nickel-Plated Brass (Aluminium Ø63)

2. Seal made from NBR

3. Clamping Washer made from Inox AISI 304

4. O-ring Seals made from NBR

5. Safety Ring made from Technopolymeric

6. Body made from Nickel-Plated Brass (Aluminium Ø63)

7. Extruded aluminium tube calibrated and powder coated Blue colour (RAL 5010) / Grey colour (RAL 7035)


Pressure Rating
-0.99 bar (-0.099 MPa) 16 bar (1.6 MPa)
Vacuum Rating
- 0-28 Hg
- 20°C / + 80°C
Compressed Air/ Vacuum/ Inert Gas (NITROGEN-ARGON)

Technical Characteristics

Ø20 - Ø25 - Ø32 - Ø40 - Ø50 - Ø63 - Ø80 - Ø110 

Temperature & Fire Resistance


Minimum Temperature -20ºC

Maximum Temperature +80ºC

Fire Resistance

The system does not stroke or propagate any fires

Technical Characteristics to the Tubes

Extruded Aluminium

Designations UNI EN 573-3

Surface Treatment

Specific Weight

Expansion Coefficient

UNI 9006/1 Al Mg 0.5 Si 0.4 Fe 0.2

EN AW 6060 T6

Electrostatic Painting

2.70 Kg/dm3

0.024 mm/(m ºC)

Installation Ø20 - Ø25 - Ø32 - Ø40


1. Fittings Ø20 - Ø25 - Ø32 - Ø40 are pre-assembled.  Tubes of 4m and 6m are pre-coated, calibrated and burred.
2. Push tube into the fitting for automatic connection.
 Diameter Torque
 50 75N.m
 63  75N.m
 63 (aluminium) 486N.m

3. In case of fitting disassembling, use the torques as in the chart to re-assemble the fitting.

Installation Ø50 - Ø63

1. Fittings of Ø50 - Ø63 are pre-assembled with nut untwisted to help tube connection.  Tubes of 4mt and 6mt are pre-coated, calibrated and burred. 

2. Push tube into the fitting for connection and tighten the nut using torques as in the chart.

 Diameter  Torque
 50 75N.m
 63 75N.m
 63 (aluminium) 486N.m


Installation Ø80 - Ø110

1. Fittings of Ø80 and Ø110 are pre-assembled with four screws untwisted to help tube connection.  Tubes of 4 mt and 6 mt are pre-coated, calibrated and burred.
Diameter  Torque
 80  30cN.m
 110  30cN.m


Tube Connection


The correct connection of tube is confirmed by the position of the arrow pre-stamp.  If you need to cut the tube, mark the distance of tube to insert in the fitting.


 Diameter  Torque
 20 300cN.m
 25 300cN.m
 32 400cN.m
 40  650cN.m