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FAQ we receive at Infinity Pipework

We regularly receive questions from our customers or those new to the product and our company.  We are always delighted to give feedback to your queries and welcome you to get in touch with us at any time.

The following FAQ area is a selection of the questions we have received over recent months and years.  We work to populate and update this area regularly as and when new queries arise but we always welcome you to get in touch directly to discuss a particular topic.

1. Can I purchase the whole compressed air system from Infinity?

Yes you can.  We can supply everything from the compressor to the air tool and everything in between.  Visit our product range.

2. Can I over tighten the fitting?

Yes it is possible, but very unusual.  Here is what we suggest:  Once the tube is in the fitting and you are happy the connection is good, tighten to a 'good' tightness.  To gauge the tightness, we would describe this as being a 90 degree turn away from being tight.

As you tighten the fittings, the stainless steel grab ring is cutting into the pipe and is secure.  There is a torque figure for the 63mm and 110mm bolts (110m bolt must be tightened transversely).

3. Do I need to undo the fitting nut fully to slide tube into the fitting?

No, Infinity is a simple push fit system.  Once you have decided on a fitting to use, simply undo through 360 degrees to slacken off.  Slide the de-burred pipework into the fitting and tighten the nut.

4. Does the Infinity system need condensate drain points?

Yes, it is a good practice to install these in all compressed air systems.  Please see part number 90260 for more details.

5. Do I need special tools to install the Infinity Pipework system?

Two simple tools are required for the actual pipework; a tube cutter and a de-burrer.  Both the inside and outside edges of the tube need de-burring after cutting.  This is to avoid damage to the fitting seals.

For details on our range of tools, visit our dedicated Tooling page.  For a demonstration of the cutting and de-burring process, please contact us for details.

6. How do we stop water from entering our air tools?

Firstly, if this is a really bad problem, you may need to consider a refrigerant air dryer.  However, as our ring main solution is unique, instead of a traditional swan neck, you can use our Zero Condensate Tee.

This will give you the benefit of the swan neck but its patented design will cost you less as you only need one fitting to stop condensate ingress.

7. How do I calculate the correct pipe size needed?

Infinity Pipework have a simple to use pipe sizing calculation table.  This takes the compressor size and length of pipework to calculate the correct size of tubing required.  Please refer to this section of our website for full details.

8. If we encounter problems with our self-install, can Infinity help?

Yes we can.  We are on hand to provide technical assistance via telephone or e-mail.  If you need help on-site we can provide details of your local installer.

9. If I have already installed my pipework system but I need to install another drop, do I have to cut the pipe and insert a tee for this purpose?

You can or you can look to the range of saddle clamps we provide.  These are a simple, retro fit drop option without any need to cut the pipe.  Simple drill the pipe using our drilling jig then fit the saddle clamp you want.  Please note: remember to drain the system of air to zero pressure before attempting to fit the saddle clamp.

10. Some of our pipework will be suspended from roof purlings and some fixed to the lower block wall. Do Infinity have the clips and brackets we need?

Yes, we cater for every installation variation.  Please look at our range of clips or brackets section of our website.

11. We have been advised to use only safety quick release couplings, do you have these?

Yes we do.  In fact we only supply this type in the Infinity range.  Please see the safety coupling section of our product range.
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