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About the Infinity Pipework team; what sets us apart ...

The Infinity Pipework team specialise in the provision of compressed air systems.  As a leading UK provider, we represent an industry leading product with the Infinity range.

A key aspect of our product range is the all metal construction utilising the effective and efficient attributes of aluminium pipework.  Our compressed air systems offer quality and reliability with the optimum use of materials and resources.  Designed with energy savings in mind, our systems meet the functionality for businesses of today.

With simple push-in fittings and ease of construction, our customers can opt to complete self installation of our pipework.  We offer a wealth of support materials and our team are on hand to support your project.  A recent addition and aiming to add further value to self-build customers, the Infinity academy has a range of how-to tutorials.

Alternatively, we have a range of support services available to companies of all sizes.  Our project management solutions are scalable whether you are a smaller trader or a business with larger premises and compressed air requirements.  Likewise, our design capabilities are available to every customer offering small, simple compressed air system designs or more expansive and complex air line networks.  We are also delighted to assist you with the installation of your system.



"For us, it is satisfying to know each customer we work with will experience the practical benefits our products bring.  We think long term with the products we promote and the relationships we build with customers.

Our installation expertise and knowledge of compressed air systems is second to none. 
It is a pleasure to work with an enthusiastic team and be part of the process of supporting customers throughout the lifetime of the Infinity system"

Mike Doe

Sales Manager
Infinity Pipework Ltd

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