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Infinity high performance aluminium compressed air pipework system

Infinity compressed air pipework is a high performance aluminium pipework system.  It is designed to be easy to install and simple to extend or modify.

Constructed of non-corrosive, extruded aluminium, our piping has superior structural strength compared with traditional materials. Our naturally stronger aluminium material combined with secure all-metal fittings create a leak-free system.

Infinity pipework has a significantly thinner pipe wall diameter compared to plastic and other air pipe.  The flow of air is increased enabling systems we install to reduce your business energy costs while improving operational efficiency.

Key features of the Infinity system include:

  • Internal and external corrosion free coating on all Infinity Pipework
  • Consistent air quality is delivered to every outlet
  • All metal pipe and fittings create a leak-free system
  • Minimal expansion occurs meaning no sag or bow
  • 10 year warranty on pipe and fittings

For full details of the Infinity system, read our Infinity Pipework overview page . . .

Find parts and pricing easily and use 'Quick Ordering'

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Create your Infinity Account . . .

By creating an account with us for your business, you will have dedicated access to products, pricing and payments.  You will also gain access to the 'Quick Ordering' facility to speed up and simplify the ordering process.

There are a number of benefits to setting up an online account with us:  

  • Account Dashboard - Information dedicated to your business clearly presented
  • Product Order History - Helping you order the products you need the most 
  • Product & Parts Finder - Finding the product or part you need with speed
  • Simple Ordering Process -  Streamlined process designed to save time
  • Dedicated Pricing - We will set-up a dedicated structure for your business

To discuss your interest in creating your account, contact our sales support team on (0)1404 548 008e-mail us or complete our online contact form

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