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Infinity products combine to create the ultimate compressed air solution

Key features of Infinity Products

The range of Infinity products set the gold standard in terms of quality for compressed air systems.  Our pipework and fittings are perfect for use in air, vacuum, nitrogen generation and other inert gas applications.

Constructed of non-corrosive, extruded aluminium, our piping has superior structural strength compared with traditional compressed air pipe materials.  With a simple cutting and de-burring process, installing an Infinity system is made possible with a small range of easy to use tooling.

Our naturally stronger aluminium material, combined with simple and secure all-metal fittings, combine to create a leak-free system.  

  • Internal and external corrosion free coating on all Infinity pipework
  • Consistent air quality is delivered to every outlet
  • All metal pipe and fittings create a leak-free system
  • Minimal expansion occurs meaning no sag or bow
  • Compliant with UK and European safety standards
  • 10 Year warranty on pipe and fittings
Infinity Pipework - Internal and External Anti-Corrosion Coating


Superior epoxy resin coating on all external and internal tubing surfaces

The special epoxy resin coating applied to the internal and external surfaces of Infinity Aluminium pipework protects it from the elements and materials it carries.  This helps maintain the outer surface of the tubing but more importantly, helps protect the internal areas hidden from view.

Size for size, there is no comparison


The inside diameter of aluminium pipe over traditional pipework is significantly greater.  Compared with galvanised and plastic pipe, Infinity aluminium pipework has one major advantage - Air Flow.

The thinner wall translates to a much larger internal diameter.  This provides on average a 23% increase in air flow.  In fact, aluminium bore size is so much larger, that in most cases you can use the next size down from Infinity. 

This will achieve the same or better flow as plastic in a neater more compact structure.  This enables considerable economic impact both in material costs as well as ongoing running costs.

Our pipework is available in four colour options - blue, light blue, green and grey.  We can help you select an appropriate tubing option for your application or industry.  If you require a specific tubing colour, we would be delighted to discuss this with you.



Simple, modular construction designed with energy savings in mind

Infinite Time Saving
Our simple push-in system has modular connections combined with lightweight tubing requiring less clips. It is fully adjustable and reusable making it ideal for future expansion. Easy to identify colour coded tubing has minimal expansion with no need for swan necks. Our unique zero condensate tee which adapts to all low pressure systems.
Infinite Energy Saving
Energy saving is a key feature of the Infinity Pipework system. With an extremely low pressure drop, the leak-free system creates improved energy savings with smooth air flow. As an all metal system and with the unique zero tee, there is efficient condensate removal.

The unique and technologically advanced Zero Tee


A technologically advanced feature of the Infinity system is the patented Zero Tee.

The efficient internal system of the Zero Tee allows fluid to reach it's destination without any damaging condensation reaching equipment.  Condensation stays within the ring main and can be drained off at the most convenient point.

The zero tee provides the advantage of automatically reducing the size of the ring main to a smaller drop leg diameter, making the need for extra fittings obsolete.

  • Eliminates the need for a conventional swan neck fitting
  • Blocks condensation from reaching and damaging your equipment
  • Automatically reduces pipe size from the ring main to a drop leg
  • May be used vertically or horizontally with 360 degree rotation
  • Can replace the need for a coupler
  • No laminar turbulence ensures consistent air flow


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