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Getting the correct pipe size for your installation - Our easy to use table will help you work out exactly what pipe diameter you need for your installation. View our pipe sizing calculation table by clicking hereContact our support team should you need help getting the calculations for your order.

Specifications - Our products adhere to a full range of reference standards.  Our technical specifications fall in line with these standards and are designed with the highest quality in mind.  For full details including materials, ratings, resistance and other technical characteristics, visit the specifications page.

Certification - Deciding to install or purchase an Infinity compressed air system is the right decision.  As BCAS members, we adhere to the most recent standards and ensure your system meets your specific needs.  As a result you can gain the optimum efficiency from a system that is fully fit for purpose.

FAQ - Our FAQ area is designed to assist customers with queries we receive more commonly.  This area is also intended to point you in the direction of helpful information, technical support materials and articles. Visit our FAQ page for more details and up to date support information.

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