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Working with industries of many types and sizes

We are proud to support an ever growing customer base from a wide range of industries.  The following categories represent our core customer base although we supply compressed air for many other applications.

Infinity Pipework Industry - Automotive
Infinity Pipework Industry - Industrial
Infinity Pipework Industry - Aerospace
Infinity Pipework Industry - Marine

Automotive - We work with businesses of all sizes in the automotive industry.  We supply air line systems for smaller, independent garages through to larger, multi-site car repair organisations with more substantial requirements.  We install an air line system optimised for effectiveness, efficiency and ease of use.  Infinity systems can meet your assembly, welding or paint application process needs in full.

Industrial Supporting organisations with the provision of complete industrial air system solutions is a key competence of Infinity Pipework.  Our turn-key compressed air, oxygen and nitrogen supply systems offer market leading capability and efficiency.

Food & Beverage - Infinity systems are able to guarantee the air is free from oil and other contaminants.  This allows us to provide the food and beverage industry with air line systems which meet the stringent safety standards.

Energy Supply & Nuclear - Nuclear power plants and other industrial facilities involved in energy supply require compressed air.  Infinity systems deliver instrument quality compressed air to support flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement.  Our high quality fittings and leak-free capability reliably support this vital industry.

Aerospace - The aerospace industry has an extensive range of applications requiring the support of an Infinity Pipework system.  We support processes such as the injection of fuel, metal fabrication/ finishing and the use of compressed air for pressure stimulation.  In an environment where precision and reliability are of vital importance, a high quality air pipework system is essential.

Marine - Compressed air in a marine environment requires careful control of both pressure and temperature.  Keeping these parameters within an optimum range with a high quality system is where our systems lead the way.

Agriculture - For agricultural applications where processes such as quick cooling, ventilation and irrigation are required, our air line system support this vital industry with functionality, reliability and support for uninterrupted operations. 

Medical, Pharma & Dental - Our specialist knowledge and extended product range enables us to offer flexible, fully integrated compressed air solutions.  Performing a vital role within the healthcare industry, our air line systems provide the quality, reliability required by hospitals and community facilities.

Infinity Pipework Industry - Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage
Infinity Pipework - Energy Industry
Energy & Nuclear
Infinity Pipework - Agriculture Industry
Infinity Pipework - Medical Industry
Medical & Pharma