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Infinity Project Management is a fully integrated turn-key solution provider

We offer a full range of project management support services.  From start-up to build, our team of experts is equipped to help you every step of the way.

From system specification and creation through to the build and completion process; our team is on hand to support you.  Our experienced development consultants offer project management for any sized compressed air assembly from start to finish.

We are dedicated to offering industry leading advice.  Our consultant team will recommend the most effective and suitable air system layout for your specific needs and application.  We are proud of our ability to work with clients and customers to best understand their project objectives.

The Infinity Project Management Consultant Team provide:

  • UK wide coverage for managing your compressed air line project
  • Understand your exact requirements and business needs
  • Comprehensive advice on the most suitable product and system
  • Testing and analysis to ensure optimum system performance and efficiency
  • Support throughout the build process and after completion
Infinity Pipework Installation

System InstallationsOur projects range in size and we are available to support simple modifications or full scale air system installations.  The result is our ability to provide the optimum solution implemented to the highest industry standards but with minimal disruption.

Maximum Safety for All - Your air system build project may be completely new or you may be adapting an existing system.  Either way, the safety and welfare of our customers and staff during installation is of the utmost importance.  With highly trained and skilled engineers, we are aware of the potential hazards during any project.  We work to identify and minimise risks to ensure the maximum safety for all.

Our Certification - Infinity are a leading member of BCAS (British Compressed Air Society).  In addition, we are registered with the Achilles UVDB enabling us to provide product and service solutions to the utilities sector.  The accreditation and certification places us in the fortunate position to manage projects for a wide variety of industries and sectors

To see examples of some of our installations, visit our Example Installations page.