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How Leaks Affect You

Published date: 22 Jun 2023

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When it comes to efficiency, leaks are one of the biggest culprits that can set back both your business and your bottom line. 

There is a common viewpoint that air is an unlimited resource, and that there are no associated costs to it. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and the inefficiency of your system not only affects the environment but productivity and your pocket, too.

So, how can you identify a leak?

Leaks can most often be seen occurring in couplings, hoses, tubes, and fittings, as well as pressure regulators, valves and joints. Conventional methods of identifying leaks, such as using soapy water on suspect areas to look for bubbling, are cheap but can be extremely time consuming – severely affecting your productivity. 

The best method is to use ultrasonic acoustic detectors, which recognise the
high-frequency hiss of escaping air. These devices can be used in noisy factory environments, so keeping machinery running does not affect results.

At Infinity, our pipework is designed to mitigate the risk of leaks, with threads, notorious for leakages, being replaced with simple pipe-and-coupling sets.

After every installation, a survey is completed by technicians to ensure that the system that we have installed is fully airtight. Interested in our range, or want to discuss with a technician how we can assist you in preventing leaks? Get in touch with us on or call +44 (0)14 0454 8008.


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