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What is the best material for compressed air piping?

Published date: 31 Jul 2019

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What is the best material for compressed air piping?


There are a number of reasons why Infinity aluminium all metal piping systems are the best material for compressed air pipework.

For such an important component of your business and manufacturing capability, choosing the right material for your compressed air network is vital.  The correct decision makes it possible to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of your overall operations.

The compressed air industry is no different to any other in terms of the development of new products using new materials.  Traditionally, copper, galvanised steel and plastic have been used for air line tubing.

These materials can have a significant range of disadvantages related to their construction and the knock-on effect when used within an air system.  One or more issues such as corrosion, air leaks, high pressure drop, expansion and poor condensate management are some of the problems faced if copper steel or plastic are used.

The introduction of aluminium as a material for air piping has revolutionised the market.  It's by far the best material for compressed air and why Infinity systems are the pipework of choice for a growing customer base.  Let us explain some of the reasons why ...

Starting from its extruded aluminium manufacture, our aluminium pipe has an inherently stronger structure.  It does not suffer from expansion and contraction issues which can lead to sagging or bowing.  Requiring less clips and fittings, this makes it a more streamlined and cost effective system.

The thinner wall of aluminium pipe is much larger when compared to other pipe materials of the same outer diameter.  The result is up to 23% more air flow than plastic piping.  The increase of aluminium bore size means in most cases, you can use the next size down of Infinity Pipework.  This enables considerable economic impact both in material costs as well as ongoing running costs.

A final but significant plus point for the selection of aluminium pipework is the internal and external corrosion free coating.  Unlike other systems with only a powder coated finish, Infinity pipework is internally calibrated and has an epoxy resin coating.  Our systems can therefore withstand the impact. 

In essence, aluminium pipework offers a significant range of benefits to your business compared to more traditional pipe materials.  This is both in economic terms but also from a material efficiency perspective.

We have designed our product specifically for use with compressed air.  We are confident you will be assured you made the right decision to select an Infinity compressed air pipework solution.


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